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Licensing and cloning

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Yesterday I cloned a server by splitting the RIAD 1 array and re-enabling the separate arrays on two different servers. Today with the new server almost restored to working, name changed and added to the domain I see that ERA is reporting the old server name as in use and the new server name has not reported in, I figure ESET hasn't updated it information  but no amount of reboots seems to get it to register. Do I leave it as it and bring the old server online and see what happens?


What's required to get this working and license properly?


Also the old ERA has settings to rename mac addresses and rename PC names, does the new ESET have this feature? We have a process in our production plants that broken hardware is removed and replaced with identical hardware with stock Windows, the unit then rebuilds into whatever is required at that particular station. The broken unit is reimaged back to standard Windows with no ESET and put back into the available repaired hardware pile collecting dust until it is required again, how are we going to go about organising the licensing so that we do not have to get involved with changing the licensing information of ERA every time a unit is replaced?


Edit: Also what about our Xendesk environment, it seems that our Image server which had ESET installed and was used as the base image for the client facing server has reported on an IP address it can't have and none of the other servers have reported their own status. Do I need to push the agent to each server after every update is pushed? by update I mean we reimage the server and start with a fresh image.

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that is really interesting deployment scenario.

You should run reset cloned agent task. 


The new ERA does not use such identifiers as the old one, each agent has it's unique ID.


You can check the license usage in ela.eset.com portal.



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