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Anti-Theft switching from Trial to Payed not working

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I ran the trial version on Win8 for some days and then bought the paid version of multi-device security. I then entered the license and the Eset on my laptop was licensed. However, in the anti-theft portal my device was still showing as trial. I then removed the device from the anti-theft web interface and tried to also disable anti-theft on the laptop. When trying to disable it, I always get an error stating username / password are incorrect. But the website opens and logs in fine. 


Anytips on how to fix this?




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From experience, when I removed a device from the anti-theft web interface, Smart Security will not let you disable it via the program anymore (with the same 'incorrect' error as you) but does eventually realise that you have removed it from the website after a little while.


Have you restarted your computer after removing the device from the website?

Try disabling anti-theft once more afterwards in ESS if it isn't showing anti-thift as 'disabled'. (KB Article)


If it's still not working, uninstalling and reinstalling Smart Security will definitely work as a last resort.

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Information about licenses are refreshed once a day, so please be patient, and wait 'till another day.

After that, license information should be correct.




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