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How to Force Enable Protection on an Endpoint

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I have a problem where sometimes an odd user will take it upon themselves to disable either the firewall protection or realtime protection, thinking it will somehow improve the performance of their computer (being trained by symantec endpoint protection).


It seems there should be a task in remote administrator to force this back on. Or very least a policy I can set in ERA 6 that won't let end users disable either protection, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. Could be there, maybe just in an odd spot or not too clear.


Thanks in advance,


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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Dave,


I would recommend you to password protect the settings so the users shouldn't switch it off.

There is an issue with it with the current build, but in the next which will be released it should work flawlessly.



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  • Administrators

Yes, the currently available version of Endpoint has the password-protect feature working correctly even for users with administrator rights.

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Oh.. I thought about remote enabling realtime protection and not about passwords, sorry )

And isn't there any way to turn realtime protection on still? Maybe command line utilities like ecmd.exe etc?

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This issue has raised here as well.

Is there any possible way to turn on real-time protection if the user has disabled it?

On Mac clients for example, there is no time limit when you disable the protection, that's why creating a task\ policy to turn it back on, is a necessity.



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