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How can i change the url of the update server in ESET Endpoint Security for Android via remote admin or preconfigured (like in windows solutions)?





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   The mobile version of Endpoint Security can only update from the internet. It will not allow updating from the Remote Administrator.

Ok. Is there any possibility to active ESET Endpoint Security for Android via ERAS? I don't want to hand out our credentials to the enduser.

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Absolutely! If you open the policy that applies to the client you are concerned about, you can expand out Mobile Devices>Endpoint Security for Android>Update>Settings and key in the username and password that is relevant. This will apply to all the clients that report to this policy and are using the mobile security for android.


If you prefer to push it to a single client, on the list of clients in the Eset Remote Administrator right click on the client that we are discussing. Select New Task>Configuration. On the screen that opens, click on create and edit the same fields listed above and save out and next through until you see finish. Once you click finish, that task will sit in wait until the client phone connects to Eset Remote Administrator and grabs it. Then the information will be applied.


This process was written assuming you are using version 5 of the Remote Administrator software. If you are using a previous version, you will need to upgrade to the newest. Link with steps listed below:




Let me know if I can help further!


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