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ESET keeps sending texts after SIM card change

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First posted this in wrong forum section. Sorry for that.


I changed the SIM card in my phone. I added the new SIM card to the list of allowed SIM cards and deleted the old SIM from the list. According to the phone everything is fine.

Now ESET keeps on sending texts to the trusted phone. Almost every day the trusted phone receives a text stating that the SIM card in my phone has changed.

How can I turn these texts of?


I already tried turning off the SIM card detection and turning it on again. I also entirely switched off Anti-theft.

Next option would be to remove the phone from MyEset and re-adding it.

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Solved it. Turned out it had nothing to do with ESET. Samsung also has a SIM card change detection mechanism built in. So this mechanism was sending the texts, not ESET.

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