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Endpoint Security Antispam Setting Question #2


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 For ESET Endpoint Security - Anti Spam features


Users have been using the Outlook Junk Email settings to block the spammers. Is there anyway to import the list from the Junk Email list of Block Senders into ESET User's blacklist? User just switch from Symantec and been complaining that they are getting more spam mails than ever after installing ESET Endpoint Security. 


Please advise way to improve the spam mail features in ESET Endpoint Security. Please help....  :)


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  • ESET Moderators



you may add e-mail addresses to the blacklist as shown on the screenshot, but I do not suppose that the spammers are sending it from the same addresses (which may be spoofed as well).

Can you please resend the samples not detected to spam@eset.com as an e-mail attachment so we can analyze them?


Thank you.



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