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Smart Security 6.0.316.0 preventing WLM from retrieving message bodies?

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Email Provider: charter.net


Smart Security 6.0.316.0



Recently, Smart Security has prevented Windows Live Mail from downloading the bodies my charter account emails.  I will get the subject shown unread (bold), but it will eventually time out trying to download the message bodies.


This just started happening a week and a half ago - this worked totally fine for almost a year before this happened.


I can check the email accounts from my iPhone and iPad with no issues whatsoever.


Through trial and error, I found that if I disable Email Client Protection, that the emails would be delivered and viewable as normal.  Is there a way for me to make an adjustment so that WLM will be able to check my emails as before?   I still want to be protected, so disabling the protection to check the email accounts doesn't make sense, know what I mean?  :)


Thanks for the help/suggestions!  



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Does the problem persist after enabling pre-release updates in the advanced update setup and downloading the latest modules? Excluding email clients from filtering is not recommended as emails downloaded by unsupported email clients will not be scanned for threats.

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How do you murge 2 accounts?


The first account is on my PC(corporate account) and the second account is on my android(account in gmail.com).

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