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Advantages of Eset Antivirus for Linux

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I am running trial version of Eset Antivirus for Linux Desktop along with McAfee VSE for Linux.


I want to know does Eset can do the job like McAfee do, like below?


- Find unknown program viruses (Uses heuristic analysis to identify potential new file viruses.)
- Find unknown macro viruses (Perform heuristics analysis to identify any potential new macro threats in files created by Microsoft Office products)
- Decode MIME encoded files (Decodes email messages that are typically encoded in Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions MIME format)
- Find potentially unwanted programs (Scans for threat programs such as spyware, remote-access utilities, and password crackers)
- Find joke programs
- Decompress Archive (Scans inside file archives such as .tar or .tgz files)
Also, what are the advantages of Eset compare with other anti-viruses?
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At first I think it's also on Linux not a good idea to run two antivirus software together.


AFAIK it is this way. I assume the version for Linux will work like other ESET software too.

  1. Yes heuristics are used of course - for any filetype.
  2. About MIME: I don't know if ESET scans mails.
  3. Yes at the detection of PUA ESET is very good. Just look around here and you'll find many things.
  4. I think most joke programs are also detected as PUA.
  5. Yes of course, all files in archives are also scanned. :)
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