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Run Command tasks and are they secure - ERA 6

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I have noticed that the one thing that seems to work quite well in ERA 6 is the Run Command.


I have tested and been successful with changing the local admin PW using this.


I used this command:

net user administrator passwordhere


passwordhere is your actual password


Worked like a champ.


My question is how secure is this?


I realize the PW is visible within my ERA6 Web Console...if someone:

1. Hacked the signed username

2. Hacked the PW.


What about through the network? using some sort of sniffer.

What about once it gets to the agent on the target PC?


Does the PW get placed temporarily on the target PC?




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The communication between ERAS and agents is encrypted. If one gains access to ERA then he can do virtually anything with administrator rights on clients.

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