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First scan, and few scanning questions

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1) I am just wondering if you can explain this a bit to me. On some clients when i deploy agent, and after that i install EEA, couple of minutes later, first scan is started, but on several others it didnt. Where can i see and setup this First scan to be done? Is that something that is done automatically, and if so, why isn't that run on all clients? It is not that big of a deal, but just wondering as I wanted to schedule scan to be done in early hours when no one is at work. 


There is no task that is connected to any of the dynamic groups regarding scanning.


2) If I use Security Product for Windows - Antivirus - Balanced  that is created by default, and change in every part of cleaning level to NO CLEANING, does that mean, that all those alerts that will be found (warning, and critical) will be presented in ERA, and then i can decide if they are real threat or not, and i can delete them remotely from ERA, or leave them?  


3) If i remove threats remotely from ERA (by putting them to quarantine and then deleting them, do I have to do full scan again on the client so Active threats will be removed from the dashboard and from the client itself? I saw in one topic that in order to remove active threats you need to run full scan? Does that mean, IN-DEPTH scan or regular scan? I am asking because IN-DEPTH scan can last 4-5 hours, and for laptop users it can be done only when they are working, don't want to really clog their CPU if there is no need to do it.



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1, You can find a first-time scan task in Scheduler. If I remember well, it's run within 20 minutes after install.

2, Right but I don't think it's necessary. In the event of a potential virus or Filecoder infection, you would get hundreds or even thousands of prompts for an action. Any file that is about to be cleaned is preserved in its original form in quarantine so you can restore it, if necessary.

3, Right. Only a full disk scan with In-depth profile selected can ensure that there are no active threats on the target computer. Normally you shouldn't get any active threat on clients which is the reason for having computers protected by antivirus.

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Is there a way for  me to define and change those tasks from Scheduler from ERA. I cant seem to find that. Maybe I am looking at the wrong places

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