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ERA V6 Active Threats Count


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FWIW, I'm seeing similar as folks above.


In RA console, under 'Computers > Groups > Computers with active threats', it lists 4 workstations with a total Active Threat count of 29.


Over in the left pane, the 'Threats' icon shows a red count of 692 (see attached pic).  However, The 'Threats > Computers with active threats' here shows 'Computers with active threats (88)'.  This is confusing, because the list of 88 threats shows only the 4 unique computers (those listed in previous 'Computers' section). On the other hand, it shows a total of 5955 threats, which seems to be historical and includes threats that have been cleaned, dating back to July when we switched to ESET from our previous vendor.


With all this contradicting information, it's difficult to tell what needs attention and what can be safely ignored.


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