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Eset Smart Security reports that it is turned off

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Hi All,


I'm new to the forum. I've had Eset Smart Security installed for some while without problems.

I've just had a message come up in my action center warning of a security issue with the message 'Eset Smart Security reports that it is turned off'. I'm not sure if this has occurred after a windows update. My windows firewall is on. Is this a clash of Eset security and windows security? I've tried turning Eset Smart Security on but nothing happens. If I go to programs and click on Eset Smart Security I get an error message come up saying 'error communicating with kernel'.

Should I be concerned and what should I do?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello and welcome graham1957. Not sure what version of windows and ESET you are running, but here is a knowledgebase article on the kernel error.

I had a similar problem previously (with a blank gui window and a kernel error)


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