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EpfwLWF.sys + epfwwfpr.sys


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Anyway, ...

I won't leave this topic without an answer. As you maybe know ESS uses the Windows filtering platform. And also a detailed description of this is available online.


EpfwLWF.sys (Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter) and epfwwfp.sys (EPFW Filter Driver) are part of this.

The "Epfw NDIS LightWeight Filter" you can disable in the network (adapter) settings - of course only for troubleshooting purposes.

More information about the other driver you can get here: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2915-epfwwfprsys/

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Thank you for answering my nonexistent posts. :-)


I removed them because after I posted I realized they were mistaken or incomplete. I was mostly confused because of the dates associated with particular drivers and because after checking their -- Properties >> Details -- they were/are listed as belonging to -- Product name : ESET Smart Security.


I formerly had ESS installed so I thought they were left over from when I had removed it. Since then I've looked into the Nod32 inf files and realize all are part of the Nod32 install except for, AFAIK, EpfwLWF.


On one machine I uninstalled (safe mode + Eset removal tool) and reinstalled Nod32. I no longer see EpfwLWF in the directory. I haven't done the other machine as I'm considering reinstalling ESS.  


Anyway, thank you for replying rugk. Maybe I should have left my original posts as they were. Please let me know if removing them was a breach of etiquette. If it was, I apologize to the community.



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Please let me know if removing them was a breach of etiquette. If it was, I apologize to the community.

Ehm... no. At least it isn't stated there... :)

But if you remember them you can of course "put them back" if you like to do.


About what driver is installed in NOD32/ESS I'm also not sure. However I now assume that both of these drivers are installed.

Just keep on thing in mind: AFAIK the drivers (or maybe not all?) are not installed on machines with Win XP or earlier. It would also be useless, because the WFP is not available in these Windows versions.

But maybe there are other drivers which are installed for Windows XP instead of them.


Hmm... maybe a moderator can clarify this unclarities.

Edited by rugk
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I can only speak to Nod32 with any certainty.


W7sp1x64, Nod32 8.0.304.0


Box #1 drivers -- eamonm; edevmon; ehdrv; epfwwfpr


Box #2 has the same plus in the directory @system32 is epfwlwf. This was left over from a past ESS installation.  [box #1, it was removed as explained in post#4.]


What was temporarily confusing to me was that each driver is listed in their individual properties window as >> Details -- Product name - ESET Smart Security. I thought that all/some drivers were leftover from the previous ESS install/uninstall. That's not the case. I don't know how the name is generated for that field in properties but it tricked my simple self. :)

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