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So I sent a "Feedback" ticket to tech support to look into an issue with Lightshot.. ESET Suport Russia responded?

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As the title goes, I sent a ticket as feedback for an issue I was having with Lightshot, hoping to get it fixed of course, but I later received an email that read this:



Ваше обращение зарегистрировано под номером 986919

Пожалуйста, не отвечайте на данное сообщение и дождитесь ответа на Ваш вопрос от специалистов.


С уважением,
Служба технической поддержки ESET Russia



My support request is 100% English and even says that my "Country" is "United States".


Is this normal..? And can somebody translate?

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Please drop me a pm with your username so that I can check your license details. Couldn't it be that you purchased your license in Russia?

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