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Boot sector of disk C: - error opening

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Guest Martin

Everytime I do a scan I get the blue message "Boot sector of disk C: error opening." I take it this means that my boot sector is not being scanned. What's wrong.

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I should have tried Run as Administrator before posting. On my PC that fixed the problem. I know of another with the same problem which I hope will be fixed the same way.


Thanks for responding. Sorry I didn't try this option before posting.

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  • Administrators

I Have the same problem please help me 


i tried run as administrator but nothing happens


Are you getting the error when attempting to scan the boot sector of drive C: ? By "nothing happens" you mean that no error is displayed?

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  • ESET Staff

I would expect to see this on an uninfected standard bootsector:


Scan Log
Version of virus signature database: 10322 (20140827)
Date: 27/08/2014  Time: 12:02:09
Scanned disks, folders and files: Boot sector
Number of scanned objects: 2
Number of threats found: 0
Time of completion: 12:02:09  Total scanning time: 0 sec (00:00:00)


Can i suggest a screenshot of an up to date signature and latest scan of boot sectors only?

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For all who don't know how to scan something as an administrator:



And this is a successfully scan of an uninfected bootsector with the latest VSD pre-release-updates on ESET Smart Security BETA 8 at this time:


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Administrator didn't work for me doing a boot scan. I have 3 HDDs configured as follows:

C: DSK2-VOL1 WIN 7 w/Eset SS ver 8 installed
E: DSK3-VOL1 Data only
F: DSK1-VOL2 Empty partition
K: DSK3-VOL2 Data only

Here's the scan log:



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