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AV Internet Security is blocking CDN content

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I am brand new to eset...so my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong place.


A website client of mine recently installed your Antivirus/Internet Security software at the advice of his computer technician.


Since installing the software he has reported being unable to properly access his website.


I did a remote control session with him to see what issue was causing the problem as I was not able to reproduce it on my end.


I found that the AntiVirus software was blocking all content from our Content Delivery Network. I was able to turn off the CDN on his site to resolve the issue, however, this means his website will be slower to respond.


As a website provider we are strongly advised to use CDN to speed the delivery of websites to improve end user experience. Of course, if CDN content is being blocked by AV software this is a major issue.


What do we need to do to resolve this issue so that our CDN is not being blocked by your AV software?





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  • ESET Moderators

I have moved this thread to the forum Malware Finding and Cleaning.


If ESET is blocking access to a website you believe is safe, you can perform the following two actions:


1) Report the website to ESET 



2) Exclude the website from scanning (the link below is for ESET home Windows products--links to business and OS X products are included in that Knowledgebase article)


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