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Easy way to allow Remote Assistance - EEA

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I have figured out how to lock the users down from messing with the EEA client from the systray icon.

I am now struggling with allowing remote assistance while keeping the users from having to turn off personal firewall on their end from their systray by setting custom policy in the Personal firewall policy that is being applied to their PC.


I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to allow the user to be able to:


1.  disable the personal firewall (ONLY) from the systray icon. (have everything else grayed out?)

2.  if that is an option can it be set to automatically re-enable the ESET personal firewall after a set amount of minutes






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EEA does not have personal firewall, which would block any incoming traffic.


In case you use EES I would suggest to make a permanent exception for the remote assistance.



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You should be able to accomplish this by editing the policy applied on clients and creating a firewall rule that will permit communication on local port 3389. On the remote tab, enter the remote IP address from which you will connect from.

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