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Maxiumum protection setup for ESET AV

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Is this article out of date? Was written about 2 years ago. If so, do any of you know any more up-to-date guides on setting up ESET for maximum security?



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Don't follow the instructions as they instruct you to enable debug logging which may cause logs to grow quickly and slow down the overall performance.


I'd recommend the following:

1, Enable Live Grid and test it as follows:

i) Download Cloudcar test file from hxxp://www.amtso.org/check-desktop-cloud-lookups. The file should be blocked by Web protection as a suspicious object.

ii)Temporarily disable Web protection, download Cloudcar and save it to your disk.
iii) Enable Web protection.
iv) Create a new email, Attach Cloudcar to it and send it to your email address.
v) Receive email. The file in attachment should be detected as a suspicious object and removed.


2, Enable SSL scanning (this may cause certain issues with SSL-enabled applications or viewing certain https websites in certain browsers, however)

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The included policies have several predefined settings for maximum security, balanced security, etc.


Where do you find these preset policies in ESET?

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Where do you find these preset policies in ESET?

To revert any changes of the settings and use the default settings - which are already optimized with "maximum security" (at least in a way that it says this on the home screen), you can reset your settings in the bottom right corner in the settings).

But there are no "settings packs" from which you could choose. So e.g. you can't choose "apply settings for balanced security" or "apply settings for lowest security".


However what the settings for "maximum security" are is difficult to say. It strongly depends on much the user wants to get messages from ESS.

But basically I would also agree with Marcos that ESET LiveGrid is an important thing which should be activated.


Then there are some settings which aren't activated by default, because of bigger or smaller (even very small ;)) disadvantages they have. So read ion the in-product or in the ESET KB help about this and decide by yourself whether you want to activate this:

At the end you may consider to use the HIPS interactive mode. But as this will most likely cause many (too many) messages, you'd better use the smart mode, which only monitors suspicious items. And you can also choose a firewall mode, like the interactive mode, which fits to you.

But one note about the last two settings: Use them only when you have a basically knowledge about computers and Windows. If you enable them you will get questions from ESS asking you whether you want to allow some things. If you don't want this or already now that you wouldn't be able to answer this questions, let them as they are (on automatic mode) - this way you won't be "annoyed" by ESET.

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