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Product Suggestion (for ERA 6) : Dynamic Group Changes

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Scenario: a computer pops up in a dynamic group when it "phones home" and matches the criteria for that group.


Problem: you have a task assigned to that group, but if the task fails, there's no easy way to re-run it.


Suggestion: Allow the administrator to remove a computer from the dynamic group, so that it pops in the next time and reruns the task.



In my case, I have a task assigned to install EAV 6.1.2222 if the earlier 6.1.2109 release is installed. This works fine, but if the task fails - user shuts down laptop, anotehr MSI installation is in progress etc - the task never restarts.


Of course, if ERA had a simple way to restart a task then we might not need this, but at the moment it's a right royal pain in the butt to restart tasks.





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