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How do I install the Full Console in ERA 6? Not the Web Console.

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Hi There I installed ERA 6 at a Client Site. I would like the full locally installed Console like I have in version 5.x at another site.


I cannot find it in the downloads section for ERA 6 or anywhere else.  

A) Is it available

B) If not, can I uninstall 6 and go back to 5.x?


Thanks in Advance.

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ERA v5 didn't use a web console but a standard application ESET Remote Administrator Console. With ERA v6, the application was replaced with a web console running on Tomcat http server by default. If you want to keep ERA version 5, it's possible, however, it supports only older products up to Endpoint v5. Endpoint v6 can be managed only by ERA v6.

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What Marco is trying to say is...




But if you want to use our OLDER software you can revert to the version 5...


uhhh really..

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I'm actually finding the web console to be fine. Not as good as the old console but it does what I need.


it's really bad on an iPad though, but at least that's just occasional use :-) In Firefox it works fine for me.


Just my view....

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there are plans to optimize the web console for iPad, but it will take some time to implement, test and release.


Thank you for this suggestion.



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