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Security audit and system vulnerabilities

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Hey there,

I am curious if the security audit only checks for risky settings (e.g. debuggin on) or also checks for vulnerabilities in the system (heartbleed, fakeid,...) ?


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The security audit consists of two parts:

  • the device monitoring
  • and the app audit


The app audit shows the critical permissions of the installed apps.

The app audit (only) checks for risky settings and "environmental" risks.



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So i strongly recommend the addition of system vulnerabilities scan :o + a 1 click fix option..just like cm security, avast,... I think it is a very important part?

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I don't know how these "scans" work and what security vulnerabilities they can scan...

But maybe they are only looking for version numbers to identify exploitable components?


Okay in this case it wouldn't be possible to provide a one-click-option...

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