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Product Suggestion for ERA6: Web Console needs more verbosity with Threats

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First off, thanks to the ESET team for releasing a product that really works. I have a user that is reporting back with 700+ threats... ()-_-)


Only with quarantined objects can we see the path of the problematic file. All other threats just say what kind of threat it is without any indication where/what it is. One of my fellow Sys Admins had his installation of Metasploit deleted, but all I saw in my Console was "Java/Exploit-CVE-2011-0609.D". Afterwards, we created an exception and restored the install, but how can I better manage my network if I'm unable to see what the "threats" truly are. This also kind of stumps me as to why this feature is not available, since this available in ERAC 5.x.



And one more minor (personal) annoyance: currently there are only 4 filter options in the Threats window: Cause, IPv4, IPv6, and Computer Name. While these are good filter settings, I'd also like to be able to filter only the threats that were NOT deleted. Perhaps a filter setting of "Action" to be able to specify which was cleaned, deleted, or nothing done.

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