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How to use ESET on Linux? (Migration from "ESET Home"/Windows)

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I am currently using "ESET HOME Security Essential" on Windows PCs.
These Windows PCs are now being converted to Linux one by one.

Of course I would like to continue using ESET on Linux machines.

How do I get an "ESET Endpoint Antivirus" licensed on Linux with my licenses?

As far as I can see, ESET for Linux can only be activated via "ESET Protect"?
Since I also use ESET for work, it wouldn't be a problem to set up an installation of ESET Protect ON PREM.
But can I use my ESET Home licenses in it?

What other way is there to continue using the licenses for Linux?

Thank you

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Unfortunately ESET does not currently offer any products for Linux for home users.

While you could purchase ESET Endpoint Antivirus (ie. for 5 and more devices), it can be managed only through ESET PROTECT.  I'm not sure if you would like all your Linux machines you have at home to connect to your company's ESET PROTECT server.

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Hi Marcus,

It wouldn't be a problem for me to create an "ESET Protect" installation on premise at home.
But can I manage the “ESET Home” licenses in it?

(Can the licenses be changed?)

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And now?

Do I have to throw away my licenses, valid until 2027, and look for a competing product?

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You have purchased a renewal for ESET Internet Security for Windows in March this year. I assume that nowhere we have stated that the license includes a product for Linux. If you are going to migrate all machines to Linux, I would recommend contacting ESET DE, explaining the situation and asking if a partial refund would be possible as you would not be able to use ESET on Linux in the course of next 2,5 years.

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