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Web access protection on while no policy attached to the EFS

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Hi, my client running EFS in a k8s cluster, when we accidentally removed the policy that suppressed the web access protection function. The whole cluster collapsed.

After hours of troubleshooting, we find out that the web access protection is auto loaded and seems start blocking traffic, and caused the cluster internal traffic down. Which caused a mayhem for us.

May I know if this is the normal behaviour of EFS go full throttle while without applied policy? Anyway to avoid this?

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With no policies applied, local settings are used. That said, if WAP was turned off on the server regardless of the policies, it would remain turned off after the policies were unassigned.

However, it is more important to find out the root cause of the issue so that the servers would operate flawlessly with WAP turned on. Please raise a support ticket for further investigation and troubleshooting of the issue.

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Thanks for your reply, is there any reference for the default local setting?  If we want to permanently stop web access protection, we need to use command line to do it in the linux cli?

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