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ESET Browser Privacy & Security Extension doing weird things with "Emoji" for Brave Browser

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Hi, so the new browser extension of ESET "Browser Privacy & Security" is cool and so... but I just reset my PC because I saw something suspicious. I use the Brave browser, which is chromium based. When I right click I can click "Emoji" and then search for emojis and insert them anywhere I like.

But now comes the problem, I tried to search for an emoji, and out of a sudden it is writing weird letters, no matter what key I hit, its writing different letters and numbers. I thought I was infected with malware or something, so I hard reset my PC with USB boot menu and deleted all partitions etc., well, so far alright, once I was back on track, the only thing I have installed was the Brave browser, then I tried using emojis again and it worked, I was able to write normally, but once I installed the ESET browser privacy security extension, it got weird again... thats when I knew the extension is doing it... even when I uninstall the extension, its still doing it now... 


Please fix this, its driving me crazy... I use these emojis every single day.


Screenshots: (for example on this one, I tried to write: "this is not cool" just as an example, and the output was "0ß´q we rtz uiop")



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It is a known clash of the Emoji panel and ESET secured browser. Disabling keyboard protection in the Safe banking and browsing setup should work around the issue.

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Thanks so much! This worked for me, you just saved my life, and I was so stu*id and reset my pc lol... well, now im smarter!


Keep up the good work!

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