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ESET internet security blocks autohotkey script in browser

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I recently tried ESET internet security with the intentions of buying it. Everything went well except somehow ESET blocks my autohotkey script. The script has only two rows:

CapsLock::^v ; caps lock = paste
0::LButton ; 0 = left mouse button

So it basically uses caps lock to paste content (it works) and the "0" button on the keyboard as a mouse button. This virtual mouse button is not working at all in the browser. Somehow ESET doesn't allow to use autohotkey for button 0 on the keyboard, and I don't know why. But only in the browser! I tried edge, firefox, with all the same results. I can paste content, but not use mouse button. In other programs the autohotkey mouse button works, so it is a browser only bug.

I tried:

Different versions of autohotkey (v1, and v2) with no luck.

New, empty profile for firefox and edge, still no luck.

Browser profile without ESET addon, still no luck.

Tried disabling ESET, still no luck.

After uninstalling ESET and using different security software the autohotkey works fine with any browser.

Please look into this, because your software is looking good, and I want to buy it, but I can't in this state.

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Does disabling Keyboard protection in the Safe banking and browsing setup make a difference?


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Yes, that was it. Disabling keyboard protection solves this. But can I use my browser safely without this?

Also, if I bind left mouse button to another button, what is not 0, (for example caps lock) its works again. So maybe ESET has a problem with binding to numbers (?).

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The same issue would likely occur with any key scrambler. Please keep keyboard protection turned off.

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