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Blocking UPnP on Smart Security, new interface doesn't allow it?

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I want to disable UPnP for security reasons and I guess the new interface doesn't have it like the old one?

Would disabling UPnP on my router do the same as disabling UPnP from each computer since Eset doesn't support this anymore?

And if not, does the rule below look right? There are no UPnP rules, it just asks for my Remote host IP basically, this is what tech support told me as a work around 

Add firewall rule:

Action > Ask
Direction > Both
Remote Host > my IP 
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58 minutes ago, user2567897 said:

Would disabling UPnP on my router

Most modern routers have UPnP; i.e. UDP port 1900, disabled/not available.

Eset's default firewall rules only allow inbound UPnP traffic on the Trusted profile; i.e. local subnet. If using the Public profile which is also the Win 10/11 firewall default profile, all inbound UPnP traffic is blocked.

How I handle UPnP is to disable Win SSDP service.

BTW - Eset UPnP default firewall rules shown below;


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1 minute ago, user2567897 said:

Can you explain what this does and how to do it? Thanks 

Open Windows Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Services.

Navigate to SSDP Discovery service and open it. As far as what the service does, read its Description. If the service is running, stop it. Then set it to disabled per the below screen shot;


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