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Install agent linux offline communicate with Eset cloud via Eset bridge


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Is there the solution to manage endpoint offline via Eset bride for linux ?

In my scenario, my endpoint is OS linux and it can not access internet.

I tried install the agent to communicate with Eset cloud via Eset bridge but i can not install agent for that because on the cloud that has no certificate agent to export.( like endpoint windows, i can install agent offline via config.ini with agent file setup).



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  • ESET Staff

I would recommend to use standard "live installer" for Linux devices create in the console. It will pre-fill and preconfigure all parameters required for device to connect to PROTECT using HTTP proxy.

As this script created by console downloads AGENT installer from ESET repository, this has to be manually modified in a way already pre-downloaded installer file is used. Unfortunately this seems to be no longer documented for recent versions of PROTECT, but it is not so complicated to achieve if you can do basic "shell scripting". As an inspiration, I would use older documentation article: https://help.eset.com/protect_admin/90/en-US/agent_live_installer.html, section "Deployment from a local shared folder" which provides step-by-step guide how to adapt existing installer script for this purpose. Just note that installer script contents has changed in the meantime, so line numbers and also script content itself might not match exactly.

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