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Disable Windows Update notification for a specific KB

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We have almost a hundred Windows 10 workstations, office and home users, with windows update alerts on our on-premises ESET Protect dashboards. We need to get rid of these alerts specifically for the update KB5034441 (WINRE update) that is a headache for us, none of these workstations apply for this update, but we still need to control if windows update is running correctly in these workstations. So, is it possible to disable the notification for a specific KB? ESET Protect is at this moment our main tool to make sure if all stations are updated.

Thanks for any help.

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9 hours ago, Marcos said:

It should be possible to mute a particular vulnerability detection as per https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/?vulnerabilities.html.

Hi Marcos, thanks for you reply but I believe this solutions doens't apply to me. My license is for the product ESET PROTECT Essential (ESET Endpoint Antivirus + ESET Server Security). The post you mention refer to the tiers  ESET PROTECT Elite, ESET PROTECT Complete, ESET PROTECT MDR, and ESET PROTECT MDR Ultimate. 

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I thought you were referring to Vulnerability and Patch Management feature but it turns out to be the standard notification about operating system updates:


If selecting "Critical updates" doesn't help here, the only thing I can recommend is disabling this feature by selecting "No updates".

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Posted (edited)

Thanks Marcos. Will do the change on the policy and will let you know if it works. "Critical Updated" is not the ideal, our system was set to "important updates" however for now i think this will do it.

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