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Having issues pushing ESET to clients after move.

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I move ESET endpoint AV 5.0 and ESET admin console 5.2.22 from one server 2008 server to another 2008 server. I followed the instructions found at ESET.com, but it seems that we are having issues.


1. All my clients show under remote administration the old server name. ESET recommends manually changing it to the new server. Too many computers to do it manually.


2. When pushing ESET from the new server I get error 1603 and Access Denied.


Also, how long do I need to keep both instances of ESET running before I can remove the old server?


Thank you.

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Hello atorres,

If the old server is still up and the clients are checking in to it still then you can go into Tools>Policy manger and select the policy that is in control of the clients you want to move. In that policy go to the area designated for the endpoint version you wish to move (Windows product line v3 and v4 or Windows desktp v5). Go to Kernel>Settings>Remote administration and add the new server address under Primary server address. As the clients check in they will get the new setting and should populate in the new server within the check in time you have set (default is 10 mins). Once all of the clients have checked in and received the new setting the old server can be taken down. The setting for servers version 4.5 is under Windows server v4.5>%product%>General Settings>Miscellaneous>Remote administration>Primary server. If this takes too long and you need to decommision the server now you can always go into the DNS server and create an alias that takes the old server name and redirects it to the new server IP address. You should goin the the same areas in the new server I have listed above and add the new server name so after check in they will have the correct information and then once all systems have the new server host name you can remove the alias.

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