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JS/RiskWare.Fingerprint.B | Riskified

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I have 1000 alerts for JS/RiskWare.Fingerprint.B associated with Riskified, and I would like to add an exception for https://beacon.riskified.com/.

How can I do this?

Thank you.

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I added an exclusion to the policy, but I am still receiving alerts.




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It's a performance exclusion, in my screenshot it was a detection exclusion. You can exclude the detection name via the Detections panel -> Create exclusion



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I'm concerned that this might be too large, as I have received alerts for JS/RiskWare.Fingerprint.B, which isn't linked to Riskified. Is there another option ? I don't want to allows all potential threats named S/RiskWare.Fingerprint.B 

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Thanks but i've already read this post, but in my organization, it's inconceivable to install an add-on like uBlock.
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27 minutes ago, Tony_M said:

Why i can't do that ?

Did you test to see if it works?

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The example I provided doesn't exist; I created it using element inspection. My question is why I can't create an exception like this in ESET?

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On 6/30/2024 at 9:14 AM, itman said:

If you refer to the provided detection exclusion by @Marcos https://forum.eset.com/topic/41524-jsriskwarefingerprintb-riskified/?do=findComment&comment=186328, the exclusion only pertains to https://beacon.riskified.com .


Sorry to post kind of dead thread but this fix does not work for us - we do not have the ability to type in the address and detection type like solution Marcos suggested - they use ESET SMART SECURITY, and not ESET PROTECT Cloud, and I dont think that Tony_M was able to get working either and give up

I see this when making exclusion for beacon.riskified detection event

Set by Path & Detection - am unable to 'wildcard' domain beacon.riskified - nowhere to edit wildcard



Exact File - not confident this will exclude all detection events for all beacon.riskified domain access as different hash for riskified when riskified used on other e-commerce website



Detection - excludes every instance of JS/Fingerprint.B - ESET does not recommend excluding entire detection types as it may increase infection chance


ESET Documents also say detection cannot be set in policies anymore - see here https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/create_exclusion.html


So how do we make sure we don't see detection events for all of beacon.riskified.com domain? 

Should we exclude all of JS/Fingerprint.B? I am not so sure as may be malicious in other detections and websites, no?

Thank you for your time I appreciate your responses.


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