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Firefox Crashes When Using Desktop Icon Secured Browser Option

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Has happened twice so far.


Not sure when the crash occurs since Firefox operates w/o issue in desktop secured browser mode.


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I will also add I have been getting Firefox hangs and lockups for some time. When this occurs, I lose my Internet connection. I have to close Firefox and wait till my Internet connection reestablishes itself.

This behavior predates ver. 127.0.1. As such, don't believe it has anything to do with the new Browser protection module update.

The web site where the lockups occur the most is the Eset forum .......... Many times when I select the browser back web page option. However, has occurred on other web sites. Might be related to Eset forum captcha processing since I never see that as a resolved DNS address when I perform ipconfig /displaydns with Secure all browsers option enabled.

I have disabled Secure all browsers option and haven't had a lockup/dropped Internet connection since.

Process Monitor no use here since the above behavior is unpredictable. I can go for a day w/o any lockups. Then the following day, multiple lockups.

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Firefox has been unpredictable in the past  few versions. Things that would normally work with minimum glitches, sine v127 has been unmanageable.  Even playback of 4K YT videos stuttering, freezing and as far is ESET with Firefox I had freezes while entering Banking and that used to never be a problem. 

I never thought I would, but I just switched to EDGE and with few tweaks and adjustments, its actually not only faster, but everything else seem to work smoother including safe banking and browsing. 


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