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Malicious text received, info only (USPS)

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I received a text message today copied below.


From a phone number with an Indonesian exchange of +62


It's supposedly from the USPS (United States Postal Service) ((with an Indonesian exchange))


U‏S‏‏‏‏PS Noti‏fication: Your par‏cel is temporar‏ily on hold at our facil‏ity due to insuffic‏ient ad‏dr‏ess infor‏mation. Please provide a valid de‏‏livery‏ addre‏ss to avoid returning the packa‏ge.


Wishing you an exceptional day from the US‏‏‏P‏S tea‏m.


Congratulations! Your analysis is done and available at: https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/b1ac1702795cd362de5f295b81bfcfb4318b46c061263802cf5a58fec28fedbb?environmentId=160




--- Falcon Sandbox Analysis Overview ---








--- Falcon Sandbox Analysis Summary ---




Analysis State: SUCCESS


Threat Verdict: malicious


Threat Score: 82/100


AV Detection Ratio: n/a


AV Family Name: n/a


Time of analysis: 2024-06-26 16:58:38


Contacted Domains: a.nel.cloudflare.com, cutt.ly, usom.mzlrpdma.top Contacted Hosts:,,,,


Environment: Windows 10 64 bit (ID: 160)

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22 hours ago, Marcos said:

The url is blocked. It points to a non-existing web page and 404 is returned.

I meant to leave the URL out altogether. Can you remove it please?

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