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Nod32 update spinning

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Hi, I have 2 machines (1 windows 11 laptop, 1 windows 10 desktop) both with nod32 antivirus version experiencing similar update issue.

The laptop is worse, was windows 10 recently upgraded to windows 11 but the problem persists exactly the same after upgrade.

When  i first switch on, nod32 spins continuously trying to update, if i leave it sometimes it updates after many minutes, sometimes still spins..

A workaround I read is to 'cancel update', go into advance settings, clear update cache - select to update again and it updates immediately -within 30 seconds.

The windows 10 desktop does the same but not as bad as the laptop.

I have tried restoring default settings twice on the laptop but doesn't seem to make much difference for very long. 

Why does it require me to clear the cache every to get it to update, is there a known issue in this version that causes this?

Are there known issue with this version or possible cause?  Coincidence that both machines are HP possible conflict somewhere ?  That said, if clearing the cache resolves the issue every time I'm not sure if there is anything causing conflict on the machines otherwise clearing nod's cache wouldn't resolve immediately would it?



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Please install a trial version of ESET Internet Security or ESET Smart Security Premium for a while while troubleshooting the issue and carry on as follows:

  1. Enable advanced logging under Help and support -> Technical support
  2. Reproduce the issue
  3. Stop logging
  4. While the icon is spinning forever, create a dump of ekrn.exe via Tools -> Diagnostics -> Create (dump) in the advanced setup
  5. Create a complete dump of egui.exe and eguiproxy.exe
  6. Collect logs with ESET Log Collector and upload the generated archive along with the egui/eguiproxy dumps (compressed) here.
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Thanks, I have done all of those except 5.  How do I create a dmp of egui/eproxy  I can only see the option to trigger ekrn dump?

I created a full dump of ekrn but this was over 200mb compressed so had to remove that from the log collector in order to attach here.  I've attached log collector with full dump removed. I have a copy if there's another way to upload



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I never realised until googling that you can create memory dump from task manager - so I've done that for eguiproxy while the issue recurred. I've also managed to create mini dump of ekrn via diagnostic tools.  Both attached.

Can you see anything in these or in yesterdays log files that might be causing issue?

eguiProxy.zip ekrn_0013616d_173c.zip

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Did anything stand out in the logs?  If you need the full ekrn dmp let me know how I can provide that as its above the limit - 263mb compressed.  Thanks

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@Marcos Is troubleshooting still ongoing or could you not see any obvious cause?  I still have the trial of EIS you asked me to install while troubleshooting - I could try the new antivirus version released today, or alternatively I can raise ticket with support if need be as I have a paid license for x3 machines - But if you are still troubleshooting I will wait?

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