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Unable to exclude non system drive through gui or xml settings import.

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Eset wrote:

ESET StaffPosted July 9, 2020

Excluding whole drives from scanning is not allowed in gui. However, you can export the configuration, add the necessary exclusion and import it at your own risk. However, if you have there files that may carry malware and they get infected or if malware makes it to excluded drives, the malware may run undetected.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Then closed the thread-------

This function is in every other scanner I have worked with. My non system drives are not at risk, they have sensitive files and I do not want them scanned, I exported the setting file and adding the drive in with and without wild cards but gui will not import. This makes no sense at all and it irritates me this idea you are saving me from my own ignorance. To make an exclusion for every single folder on the drive to get around this is an unnecessary waste of time . Hey scan the system drive but leave my storage drives alone PLEASE . That being said after seeing many ask this ,has anything changed at all ....as I am really liking the control this software gives me otherwise which I really like except for things  like this which makes this inexplicable.
I can see many other ways to deal with your concerns that I will somehow activate a virus on a drive with no exectuables , scripts etc. ..how about a simple warning but let me click a box not spend 15 minutes trying to get the config file to accept it ...when imported as it does not. Please give me an example as G:\ or G:\* or G:\*.*   ... fails. It seems you stopped this as well. In this age of data collection on everyone things like this really give me pause. Especially when it the response is not a good reason. Let me worry about what I want ..give me a choice please. I dont like all data scanned by companies. 

PLease ... dont be like them.. they got a slap onm the wrist btw.



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I don't see the problem here.

Just run a Custom scan selecting your OS installation drive only.

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