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Help; for removing Malware (false positive)

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The results of the scan reported a certain file (Malware) as malicious; on check on VirusTotal  detection ratio was only 1


I reported the item to ESET, but so far ESET doesn't show any detection.

I don't know what the problem is!


Latest URLs hosted in this domain detected by at least one URL scanner or malicious URL dataset.
1/62 2015-02-09 08:32:28 hxxp://p30mororgar.ir/
Please check the links above, no problem!
First link: Home
The second link: Ant Video Downloader and Player Programs
The third link: Download Chrome
The fourth link: Introducing virustotal.com
The results of the scan Clean:
and other for scan:
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We've reviewed the website but it still contains stuff due to which it was blocked. Note that this forum is not intended to dispute detections or blocks. Please contact ESET Malware Research Lab instead. Having said that, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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