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Unable to access the Web console due to 'Communication Error' after migrating CentOS console to Rocky Linux.

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We have performed the migration of the ESET Endpoint Appliance database which is on Virtual Machine with CentOS 7 OS to another Virtual Machine with Rocky Linux, using a vSphere embiroment. However, after finishing this process we could not access the web console because of the following error:


I have checked the ESET knowledge base page which instructs us to perform the following:



We already checked the Era server and the Apache Tomcat services and they were running, we also tried to reboot the Virtual Machine but it did not work.

Finally, we checked one of the log files from Apache Tomcat but we could not determinate anything neither.
This was the log file we opened with the file name: catalina.2024-06-20.log


Maybe can you give us a hand with this problem?

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