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Eset VPN: Captcha codes

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Since I have an Ulitmate license( in wich it's included an VPN).

But I personaly have experienced many times that I'm not trused on certain websites.

It will result in etiher an 404" Acess Denyed"( followed by some error codes), but also that I'm requested to fill up a captcha code.

Sometimes also that I can't get any acess to certain websites( mostly banned from search engines such as startpage.com).

However there is basicaly 2 ways to explain this.

Since it's an 3: rd party service,but also that some websites ( for an example many Banks) limitates( make it difficult to use) if you are using an VPN- tunnel.

At the other hand also that many webhotels nowdays ban internet traffic from certain countries.

It maybe sound concpirancy,but since I myself has a great know- how; And ever since the outbreak of war in Ukrain,many Western countries( not only in EU but as well from USA). Have an embargo against Russia,in wich also includes telecommunication.

Since Russia is world largest country,and that many western coorporations have bounds with russia( or former USSR- States).

Since I've also know that there are sadly some coorporations that have their servers in former USSR- States( in wich Finland is sadly associated with), among with all Baltic states and some in Kaukasus.

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If a particular service is blocking access from a particular VPN server's IP address, you can raise a support ticket and the VPN maker will look into it.

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