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how to remove Win32/Pitou.J permanently from my pc

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Good afternoon, months ago I downloaded a file I didn't want and my PC became infected with this trojan below! It is in the MBR sector of the physical DISK and it is not possible to clean it, I have ESET PREMIUM, can anyone help me???

Time;Scan;Object Type;Object;Detection;Action;User;Information;Hash;First seen here
06/16/2024 14:07:13;Scanner at startup;boot sector;MBR sector of physical disk 0.;Win32/Pitou.J trojan;unable to clean;;;;

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Refer to this article: https://pureinfotech.com/repair-master-boot-record-mbr-windows-10/

You have two choices;

1. This will replace the entire MBR with Windows default one;


Use the “FixMbr” option when you need to repair Master Boot Record corruption problems or when you need to clean the code from the MBR. This command will not overwrite the existing partition table in the hard drive:

Bootrec /fixMbr
2. This will just replace the MBR boot sector with Windows default one;

Use the “FixBoot” option when the boot sector was replaced with another non-standard code, the boot sector is damaged, or when you installed an early version of the operating system alongside another more recent version:

Bootrec /fixBoot
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The bootrec /FixBoot part didn't work, it gave access denied!

and the rest of the tutorial was saying it didn't find the way 

what do I do now?

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cd /boot does not find the location causing the process to fail

the page you requested: https://forum.eset.com/FixBoot part didn't work, it gave access denied! do not exist anymore

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Contact Eset - Brazil for assistance.

I am reluctant of referring you to articles on how to fix the access denied issue. Most have the potential of borking your Win installation if not performed properly.

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