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Email spam virus not immediately detected


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I'm getting lots of email spam with attached malware in Word/pdf docs. However, NOD32 doesn't pick this up immediately, and allows the email to be opened. Later in the day though (it seems), if I click the dodgy email, it will get moved to infected items. Why the delay?


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There's nothing like 100% detection, no vendor detects 100% of malware from the very first moment it starts to spread. Make sure that you have Live Grid enabled and test its functionality as follows:


1, Download Cloudcar test file from hxxp://www.amtso.org/check-desktop-cloud-lookups (direct download link: hxxp://www.amtso.org/amtso/uploads/cloudcar.exe).The file should be blocked by Web protection as a suspicious object.

2, Temporarily disable Web protection, download Cloudcar and save it to your disk.
3, Enable Web protection.
4, Create a new email, Attach Cloudcar to it and send it to your email address.
5, Receive email. The file in attachment should be detected as a suspicious object and removed.

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If you often receive a lot of Word documents with malware it may also be a nice idea to enable the document protection of NOD32 (or ESS).



Additionally you didn't say what email-client you use. This would be a quite important information...

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