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files with .vir extension detected

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Hi, yesterday we install Eset Server security on a server, and today i recevive some weird detections (see attach photo).


When i went to the path of the detection i found this files with an extension .vir.vir.vir


Im doing a full scan on the server, my question is what kind of malware is this? and what other action should i take? this is a production server




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Submit the svchost.exe file in C:\Windows\Resources to VirusTotal for a scan. I suspect its malicious.

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Also per Fortiguard in regards to Eset's detection;


W32/VB.NBI is classified as a file infector.
A file infector is a type of malware that has the capability to propagate by attaching its code to other programs or files.


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Win32/VB.NBI is a file infector (virus). I assume that we attempted to clean it after detection so we renamed it to a backup file (*.vir) but the machine was not rebooted to complete the cleaning and the virus continued to infect the already cleaned svchost.exe file, causing additional vir extension to be added each time until the machine was rebooted the next day.

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Posted (edited)

Hi, i just ended the review with local support. It seem the provider of the software downloaded the installer from an unsafe website. we will reinstalled the software. And reboot the server at the end of the day

Also, the file was submitted to virustotal, but it appears to be clean.

Thanks for the quick reply


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