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Slow and unusual behavior?

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I have used ESET NOD32 for quite a while and have had few virus or malicious progrm issues.  I have no recent findings.

My computer has been slow.  Programs like Excel seem to take longer to open or behave with occasional long delays for keystrokes or responses.  My word processor program (WordPerfect X) frequently locks up for a few seconds and the task bar flickers about a half dozen times or more.

This may be paranoia, but it appears that something is tracking my keystrokes.

I do have idrive as a cloud backup, but I just noticed that idrive was deleted from my computer and isn't running; I can't find it.

Doews anyone have any ideas or suggestions? 

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Not sure about idrive, but everything else sounds like a high memory utilization issue. When you're experiencing those issues, open task manager (I assume this is a Windows PC) and see what your memory utilization looks like.

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