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ESET Mail Security - to add new environment variables available in rule actions.

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Hello, ESET team!

This is continuation of the topic: ESET Mail Security - to add some improvements - ESET Products for Windows Servers - ESET Security Forum


I rechecked in Mail Security 11.0.10005 for Microsoft Exchange Server and variable %FROMADDRESS% don't work in rule actions like "Send event notification to administrator" and "Log to events". As a result, I see same string - %FROMADDRESS%, as this is wrong variable name.  At the same time %EnvelopeSender% and %ReplyTo% work perfect.   Could you please recheck this as well.

And second question, it would be useful for analysis to have in rule actions one more variable something like %HeaderFromDisplayName%, Could you please add it?

Thank you.


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Well, I have one more idea :)

Could you please implement rule action something like "Increase or Decrease SCL value". Now it is available action "Set SCL value", where we can set static SCL value. Will be useful to have possibility set here incremental value, for example +2 or -3. Thus, we can make several dependent rules, and when SCL will reach the threshold, an email will be marked as SPAM.

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  • ESET Staff

Ad. "variable something like %HeaderFromDisplayName%": it's definitely doable.

Ad. "Increase or Decrease SCL value": that's also doable, we can see the added value of such rule action.

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