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Patch Management is non-functional

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Hi, I'm a new user to EST, but starting to get a bit frustrated with a few things in the console.

We previously had a Trial Version (Complete), but in the end opted for the Advanced Version. We did not need the patch management, and so the "Advance"  license does not include it.

However, I am getting repeated warnings within the console that "Patch Management is non-functional". Also, the endpoints keep appearing within "Lost and Found"  - but I have no idea what this is.

Can anyone assist me with getting to the bottom of this please?

Kind Regards, Stephen

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Also, I don't know if this is related, but I have another warning in the console: "Antimalware Scan Interface is not integrated into your system".

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I did notice that the original (expired) trial license was still showing up in the Business Account Dashboard. I have removed that to see if makes any difference.

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Regarding the "Patch Management is non-functional" message after downgrading the subscription to ESET PROTECT Advanced, I've reached out to a colleague to find out if it's a known "issue".

As for computers in the Lost & Found group, it is where all computers appear after installation if no group is specified in the installer and synchronization using a directory service has not been performed yet.

Regarding the error "Antimalware Scan Interface is not integrated into your system", you can try disabling AMSI integration in the advanced setup, saving the settings and re-enabling it. We plan to change integration with AMSI as of the next version of Endpoint to minimize the likelihood of errors like this.

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