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ESET blocks an executable file

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Hi ESET Team, 

We got an email concern from one of our client :

Internally, we run .exe, which we created to streamline some of the installers, etc., that our team runs on a regular basis.
Just recently, this has started triggering ESET when it hasn’t before. I have it Whitelisted where I can, but because it runs PowerShell scripts inside the exe, I believe this is what ESET does not like (please see the attached video). I need to get this operational again, as it hinders our team from performing rinse/repeat tasks.
I attached the screenshots of the application > when the client try to run the apps > ESET will pop  > and when he hit no (since it require restart ) 
can you help us or would be okay if we can send the video?


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  • Administrators
  1. Please provide steps how to reproduce it on our end
  2. If ESET detected or blocked a file, communication or whatever, please post a screenshot of the alert or the appropriate record from ESET logs.
  3. Provide logs collected with ESET Log Collector if you believe that ESET has detected or blocked the file or communication.

Does the issue persist after temporarily disabling Deep Behavioral Inspection?

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  • Solution

I think we sorted out this case, the executable file was shown on submitted files, since it's legit application we created an exclusion to resolved the issue :)


You can close this case now :)

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  • Marcos changed the title to ESET blocks an executable file

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