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ESET Safe Banking & Browsing error

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Windows 10 (x64)
ESET Internet Security
Firefox 126.0.1 (64-bitars)
ESET Safe Banking & Browsing error.

I have this shortcut on my desktop to start a separate window where I can type my bank online adress
ESET Safe Banking & Browsing
Firefox was updated today and this shortcut, also started from app menu, gives an error.
Translated (google) from swedish to english

-->Firefox is already running, but not responding. 
The old Firefox process must be terminated before you can open a new window. <--
2 selection buttons
-->End Firefox | Cancel<--

Pressing the End button will launch a new pop-up window with the same message.
Pressing Cancel button will stop the popup message.
It doesn't help to completely exit/close Firefox, start ESET Safe Banking & Browsing from anywhere on computer and the error message comes back.
I can't start ESET Safe Banking & Browsing at all. 

Info on this is much appreciated, thanks, and best regards,

ESET Safe Banking & Browsing.png

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Posted (edited)

I updated to Firefox 126.0.1 yesterday and have no issues starting ESET Safe Banking & Browsing from its desktop icon;


It appears to me, the problem is with your Firefox installation. Restart your PC and see if the issue persists.

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Thanks for info, much appreciated! Good to know the feature is still available.
Can't restart PC right now, will get back at you.

Best regards,

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That did the trick, a reboot and ESET Safe Banking & Browsing is back! 

Thanks and best regards,

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