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Revoke website certificate - but Connection is secure

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Hello everone,

i have a problem with a specific website.

When I try to access the website, the message "Website certificate revoked" appears but the website ist classified as safe!

This is the case in various browsers.

If I export and open the certificate, the certificate is also displayed as valid.

If I uninstall ESET Endspoint or disable SSL/TLS in the security settings, access to the website is possible.

Is it possible to create an exception as a policy without having to disable the SSL/TLS scan protection mechanism for all computers?

Thanks for your help

Best regards Timme




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HI Marcos,

thanks for your answer.

The site is owned by a business customer and can only be accessed via site-to-site VPN. It is therefore not a public domain.


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Please raise a support ticket then. A support agent should ask for an advanced network protection log from a connection attempt to the website as well as for a list of certificates installed on the machine for perusal.

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