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parental control crash GUI ESS 8

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I found the problem on the parental control, when making setting age. I've restarted the computer and tried to settings parental control again, still does not run crash gui and not responding. look my attach pict



*W8.1.1 pro

*ess 8 last version and last update database


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if you set Dump type to "complete" under Advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics and reproduce the crash is there a dump file created?


If yes can you please compress it along with SysInspector log and Export of setting and send me a download link via private message with reference to this thread?


Thank you.



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whether can create Dump for EAV 8 ? if not i'm sorry, I back to EAV 8, I feel comfortable in EAV 8 
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The common problem is to adapt parental control software to your needs, now when I started use this software from refog.com it became more easy. Level of filtering and tracking someone activity is anough.

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