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File scanning exclusion to a group of PCs

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Hello everyone.

I'm trying to create a policy (or modify an existing one) so that the ESET Endpoint Security exclude a specific folder when scanning the files of the PCs.
I want this to happen in some specific PCs of my domain. 

Can you propose me a way to do this properly?

I guess I should create a new group in the "Groups" section and add there the PCs that I want this policy to apply. (????)
But should the exclusion path be added in a current policy or should be created a new one?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

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It depends on what is best for you. You can create a separate policy with the folder added in performance exclusions and apply it to desired groups or particular machines to have it independent from other policies you may be using.

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1 hour ago, Panagiotis Goudas said:

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I configured a policy like the photo I attach.
My question is...does the "replace" option cover me?


It depends, if you want to overwrite settings for the "Performance exclusion" which might come from a higher hierarchy group, then yes. But if you want to keep the settings which were inherited by a higher hierarchy group then select "append".

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As previously mentioned, it depends of what behavior is expected in case multiple policies configuring performance exclusions will be used in the environment and might possibly be assigned to specific device.

In case of "Replace", there will be no merging of this settings, and list of exclusions will be taken as is, from configuration policy with highest priority = there will be no merging with other policies.

Other properties do enables merging of the exclusions. See documentation for more details: https://help.eset.com/protect_cloud/en-US/admin_pol_merging.html

But in short, if this is the only policy configuring performance exclusions, current configuration will be sufficient. You just won't be able to split list of exclusions into multiple policies for now.

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