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Product Suggestion (for ERA 6): Task selection

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Apologies if I've already mentioned this, but I'm being driven crazy by the tasks structure so if I have then I'll mention it again :-)




On the ERA console, on the second tab down (Computers), have the ability to select multiple computers, then choose New Task, and be able to choose from EXISTING tasks.


At present I have an "Install AV 6.1" task, with the right product and the right license preselected. Yet I can't choose it from this screen, all I can do is create a new task. Which is madness :-) it seems to defeat the purpose of being able create and save tasks, if the only way to reuse them is from the Client Tasks screen.


Think of the workflow here. You see a computer that needs something doing to it, the logic thing is to select that computer, then select the task, and click GO. Much more logical than the current web console workflow.




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